Let me start by saying we spoke with 3 companies to manage our 40' hi-cube container...of which C2CMoves was one of the three. All companies are well-known here in Cuenca...and pricing for all three was comparable as well...within 8-10% variation. However, when it came to service and information...not to mention the monies required upfront and during the process...C2CMoves was above the others. First of all, they really are a "one-stop shop" operation. They will assist from finding loading assistance at origin; through the loading & shipping; the inspection process; and finally, the delivery of your container...with their crew placing all the items in the designated rooms/locations, if that is your request! We met with Joe & Vicente and learned more in that one-hour meeting than several other conversations with the other firms. Joe knows the regulations...what to be aware of...and what one cannot and can bring in your household goods container. Joe was always available...no matter the hour...as we were preparing to load...as well as during the loading of our container back in Texas. Believe me, he received many a "stressed-out" phone call from either myself or my wife, and he handled them all with care and reassurance...talking one of us "down from the ledge" every time! Once loaded, he tracked its progress and kept us fully informed during the container's journey & its arrival into GYE. When you are moving all of your "earthly possessions"...you want someone who will be your advocate and champion on your behalf! We could not have asked for a better advocate! I say this because we had the "unfortunate" timing of being one of the first containers to arrive with the recent regulation changes in May 2016 (much stricter & more time-consuming.) While Joe was being advised by the customs broker, etc, of these multiple changes, they were occurring almost daily given recent alleged corruption in the Aduana. However, if Joe did not know/understand a recent rule change...he pursued to gain that knowledge vigorously on our behalf! His relationships with the customs broker, the shipping companies, and the Aduana themselves all reflect how highly these various entities think of Joe, Joseph and C2CMoves. Joe was always treated with respect...and that passes to his clients while at the port. At the port inspection, Joe was with my wife every minute as the stevedore crew removed everything from container and went through the inspection. What really impressed her was the direction and supervision given by both Joe & Joseph in the reloading of container after the inspection was complete. Otherwise, it would have been a disaster according to her perspective! Finally, we had the misfortune of - according to Aduana - bringing too many CDs in our container...1,637 of them! It took some time & convincing by Joe and his team that these were not for resale...but rather a collection from many years ...my wife & I are music nuts! Again, C2C was our advocate...Joe & Joseph - and the customs broker - traveled to GYE again with my wife to meet the Aduana face-to-face to discuss the issue...and were successful in convincing them to (finally) release the container with the CDs! We cannot recommend these guys more highly if we tried! C2CMoves' clients are the best reference you can get! Joe, Joseph, Vicente and Monica are all committed to you and the satisfactory & successful transference of your worldly possessions....they are amazing!


Gary Hudson



          Where do I begin? We contacted Joe Spotts in mid-September, 2013 when we were visiting Cuenca. He was the most gracious person. We spent about an hour of his precious time (he was boarding a plane for the States that evening) asking him numerous questions about moving our belongings here. He gave us so much reassurance about the entire unsettling decisions to be made. Joe provided us with costs and information after we returned home. We continued to be in contact with him for the next 13 months. I would call when I was stressed and he encouraged me. He answered my questions over and over again without making me feel like I was annoying him. Joe did all he promised, and much, much more. He took charge and set up everything for us. C2C is a one-stop thing: door-to-door. He helped us with paper work, how to pack, what we should consider bringing, what we should be careful about bringing. He literally walked me through making an inventory, how to get my documents the best and fastest way, arranged for loaders at my house (even talked on the phone to them from Cuenca to Texas at least 3 times while they were loading the container). Joe coordinated the timing of the loaders arrival with the arrival time of the ocean freight company bringing the container. Wait! It doesn't stop there. We talked several times after our arrival 7 days later. He let me know when it left the States, when it was due to arrive in Guayaquil, and then when it arrived. We rode with Joe and Joseph to Guayaquil for the custom's inspection. The paperwork was in order and properly done and ready for an early morning inspection. Joe and Joseph are very well respected at the port; and treated all with respect. We were treated very well by both C2C and the port authorities. Our inspection went well without any surprises or problems. When the container was released and delivery was scheduled, Joe had exceptional folks unload at our house. A 40' container was unloaded to a 3-story house in only 2 hours!. Joe and Joseph are A-Plus guys. Do yourself a favor and call them. You will get so much more than just getting your things moved here. I commend his patience, honesty, humor and professionalism. If we ever did this again (heaven forbid) we would not consider anyone else.

John and Jean Smith


          To say that C2C Moves is good is a gross understatement. From their fabulous informational seminars (and 'refreshments' - a full sit-down dinner!), to the last detail of one's precious possessions being delivered to the front door, Joe and Joseph Spotts, and everyone affiliated with them, are the best! They have this down to an art form, and not only took care of my things, took care of ME, but elegantly took care of every little detail, whether mundane or complicated - all in a timely and economical fashion. I am eternally grateful. I can't even begin to imagine having doing this kind of move without the expert, experienced and profoundly helpful efforts of C2C Moves. It is easy to see how they were voted Best Shipping Company - well-deserved, to be sure. I can highly recommend C2C Moves!! 


Andrea Lyman


          I highly recommend Joe and Joseph Spotts and C2C Moves for all shipments from the US to Ecuador. They will advise you regarding the moving process long before your move (via Skype) and accompany your shipment at every step of the way, from its pickup in the US to its inspection in Guayaquil, and - finally - to its delivery at your home in Ecuador. Due to their up-to-date knowledge of import/customs regulations and personal and professional relationships with excellent colleagues in the US, Cuenca and the port in Guayaquil, Joe and Joseph will expedite the transport/reception of your container as quickly and safely as possible. This is always the case: I have heard of numerous disasters and delays caused by the ineptitude or inefficiency of other shippers in Cuenca. However, I have never heard anyone complain about the service of Joe and Joseph - only praise. If you want to feel confident and have your household goods in good hands, go with C2C Moves.

Doris Wagner


          Joe Spotts was recommended to me by two women from USA living in Cuenca. Joe & Joseph handled everything from A-Z for my container from New Orleans, LA to Cuenca. The inspection and work involved is complex, with necessary professionals needed along the way. Why not hire a professional, who has the contacts/knowledge/experience to get the job done? The estimated costs were attentively detailed and the total bill was no surprise after all work was completed; that is what I call "honesty" and true satisfaction!!


Jim Stephan


          Nothing makes you feel at home in Cuenca like receiving your container, full of the things you treasure most that remind you of the places you've been and the life you've led. The key is handing off the headaches of such an enormous project to a company with the experience, knowledge and contacts in Ecuador that will make the process run smoothly and result in a happy reunion of you and the things you love, that you cannot find here. I used c2c shipping and was 100% satisfied. I received an accurate quote and was apprised

of every step my container made without having to get involved or being worried about the outcome. I highly recommend c2c shippers.


Feel free to contact me concerning any questions you have,

Teresa Durrant


          I recommend you attend C2C Moves (Joe Spotts) free seminars, if you are thinking of shipping a container. I wish I would have known him before I engaged a US company, because he knows the ropes. My experience with the US company is a nightmare.  Contact: c2cmoves@aol.com



          Now that the dust has settled and most of the boxes unpacked, I want to take the time to make a much needed recommendation. When I first decided to ship, I contacted all shippers in Cuenca and got so much conflicting information that I did not know who to believe. I saw a notice for a container seminar and wrote asking for any information available. Immediately I received an email offering a phone call to go over my questions and concerns and to explain how C2C Moves operated. Within hours Joe Spotts called me in the US and rapidly became my hero. No matter what my concern, he explained the process. He gave me moral support when I thought I would never finish the packing. Once here in Cuenca, Joe and Joseph were always available for my questions. They prepared all the necessary documents and went with me to Guayaquil for my inspection.

To say that C2C Moves is highly respected is not doing them justice; the manager of the port personally made a point to introduce himself to me and to tell me how much they liked working with Joe Spotts and how they never had to worry when a container arrived using C2C Moves. I have never dealt with two more honest, hardworking men and if you are thinking of moving a container to Ecuador, do not hesitate to contact C2C Moves. It will be the best move you could ever make.

Jodie Mansfield


        "...Here's a hearty recommendation for C2C."  

Everything went perfectly with C2C, keeping in mind that shipping time & cost are variables due to unforeseen circumstances that Joe certainly knows how to handle, but one should expect to pop up.   Your mantra should be:  "Just let Joe handle it!"

Joe keeps very good records & accounts for every cent & is easy to work with.   He and Joseph have all the right connections in the shipping business.   Of course, we already knew them through their fantastic food, Joseph's haircutting, & Joe's piano music.

Joe kept an eye on container availability & cost, which supply & demand made a 40 ft. high cube a better deal for us.   A high cube is something like 27 percent larger.   Containers hold a lot of stuff!  Joe rounded up a couple guys to do a detailed inventory of the contents of every box, & also, found a moving company with experience loading containers.

Our container was loaded near Phoenix, Az (in 110-degree heat).   That's one part I'd change, but it was a choice that was made.   Our container shipped from L.A. & traveled for 3 or 4 weeks to Guayaquil, probably spending a bit of time in another Pacific port on the way.

Software changes in Guayaquil delayed its release from the port facility.   That delay caused us to pay a bit of demurrage (storage), unfortunately, but that's the way it works here.

We even brought a baby grand piano, which with Joe's expert advice for wrapping & strapping to a piano board, arrived in fine condition.   He also told us to go to Costco & buy bath sheets & large bath towels to wrap around furniture, etc., which was affixed with shrink wrap over top.   Now, we have dozens of beautiful towels, instead of stacks of ugly, useless moving quilts!  Great!
Especially, since we don't care much for the quality of linens here in Ecuador.

Having lived in Cuenca for a year & seeing what is & isn't available in the way of household goods & furniture, we're glad we brought what matters to us most.   There is beautiful furniture made here in Ecuador, though.  I wouldn't want to pay $600 here for my Kitchen Aid mixer.  How important is your "stuff" to you?

Our home is 4 or 5 hrs. from Cuenca, down near Vilcabamba.  So our situation involved "going the distance" out of town.   Joe has a close working relationship with Sebas, who has a moving company in Cuenca.   Sebas & his crew picked us up at 3:30 a.m., & one of his guys drove us to Vilcabamba in our car, arriving at daylight.

Joe arranged for the driver to bring the container down the previous evening.   We found his rig with our container parked on the outskirts of town.  We affixed our own padlock to the container doors at the customs inspection the previous day & unlocked it ourselves upon our arrival in Vilcabamba.   You may want to do this, no matter how far to your final destination so you know no one has been in the container without your permission.  

As Joe says, it's all about PEACE OF MIND!!   That's what Joe is there for, to assist you with what's probably a one-time occurrence in your life!

Sebas & crew unloaded our things into his smaller moving van as we have a rough road (5 km) to travel into the hacienda where we live.  Again, Joe arranged for all of this & got a firm quote ahead of time.  Sebas & crew are very efficient & pleasant & he speaks English.

Another tip:  Many things (unbreakables) can be packed in those huge blue plastic bins at WalMart.  It's really nice to have them for storage & organization after the move.   Also, smaller plastic boxes are great for packing, instead of cardboard boxes you'll throw away.

Only thing we'd do differently?   Had we known how absolutely huge that container was, we'd have bought a bit more stuff, like outdoor furniture, but you have to rely on the recommendations of the container loaders as to whether you'll run out of room.  

Yes, we'd do it all again.  Joe's able assistance was all the more important, since we were also dealing with a number of other stressful situations just at the time of our container arrival.   So here's a hearty recommendation for C2C.   


Judy & Mike Hosler (Vilcabamba)


          C2C was voted Best in 2014 for one simple reason. They - Are - The Best!

Ken March


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