We've got you covered!!

Our specialty is seeing to it that your personal things are brought to Ecuador safely, economically and when you want them.

We have assembled a team of professionals prepared to offer more than door-to-door services. We arrange everything from expert packing and loading all the way through to unloading and unpacking into your new home in Ecuador.


Our logistics team has over 30 years experience in bringing containers specifically to Ecuador. Upon arrival in Guayaquil, possession is turned over to our personal Customs Broker and customs clearance takes place under his direct care. You are present when the seal is broken on your container and throughout the customs inspection. There are no unnecessary delays and your container is in safe hands at all times.

We see to the preparation and translation of all necessary documents, and submit them to the various authorities as required. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout the entire process.


These services are provided at very reasonable rates.


It would be our pleasure to consult with you regarding your upcoming move and provide a quote for your consideration.


Please let us know how we can help you.


        I recommend you attend C2C Moves (Joe Spotts) free seminars, if you are thinking of shipping a container. I wish I would have known him before I engaged a US company, because he knows the ropes. My experience with the US company is a nightmare. 

Maggie: Pfitz646@gmail.com


        Nothing makes you feel at home in Cuenca like receiving your container, full of the things you treasure most that remind you of the places you've been and the life you've led. The key is handing off the headaches of such an enormous project to a company with the experience, knowledge and contacts in Ecuador that will make the process run smoothly and result in a happy reunion of you and the things you love, that you cannot find here. I used c2c shipping and was 100% satisfied. I received an accurate quote and was apprised of every step my container made without having to get involved or being worried about the outcome. I highly recommend c2c shippers.

Feel free to contact me concerning any questions you have,

Teresa Durrant: tvd3339@gmail.com

        C2C was voted Best in 2014 for one simple reason. They - Are - The Best!

Ken March: kmarch10@gmail.com